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2016 will be East-Man Seal Coatings 30th year in the asphalt sealcoating and pavement protection business. Add on to that another 10 years of experience in the asphalt pavement instillation industry and you have 40 years of knowledge, experience and savvy that can be used to help you make the best decisions on the future of your property.

Gabby Collette started East-Man Seal Coating in 1986 after witnessing sealcoating application while on vacation in Florida with his family. Having spent 10 years in the asphalt pavement instillation industry, Gabby was surprised that he had never seen this type of pavement protection being used up north in his beloved Canada.

“I never had dreams of being a business owner.” Said Gabby, “I saw a seal coat crew working on our hotel parking lot. At the time I was working for an asphalt company in Winnipeg but was not aware of any sealing being done. After more than two years of conversations with architects, engineers and industry experts I decided to take the plunge.”

30 years later Gabby is still thriving in this industry. The unique thing is, Gabby is a real “hands-on” owner. You will find him on 99% of the work sites getting his hands dirty. “I am a firm believer of the owner being involved in all aspects of the work his company is involved in.” States Mr. Collette, “not only is it a good way to keep overhead down, it's the best way to gauge the quality of work your company does.”

So with 40 years of industry experience, does Gabby claim to know it all? “Absolutely not” Gabby says with a laugh, “Asphalt is a world-wide product & I have been fortunately enough to be able to travel in the off season. Of course the first thing I do is automatically look at asphalt! Some are better than others but none are perfect with all of them needing some kind of protection.”

“I can say that I am honestly proud to have teamed up with Star-Seal Family (www.starseal.com).” Commented Gabby,  “They impressed me with not only having quality products but are driven on constantly trying to improve on those products to meet all different application & challenges each pavement demands”

“It is always satisfying driving away from a job knowing what it looked like prior to starting & upon finishing.” Gabby Collette is proud to be a part of the Winnipeg pavement maintenance market and will stand toe to toe with any pavement maintenance company in this area. Certainly a man who is proud to show off his work!